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From the Egg Farmers of Canada

Since 2005 LRM has provided inspection and verification services to the Egg Farmers of Canada and our industry partners. Contract services

  • Verification of daily transactions at the market level (operations support).
  • Inventory control (product security).
  • Incident reporting (logistics and communications).
  • Project support (program development).
  • Quality verification (product inspection).
  • Information systems support (data collection and reporting).

Egg Farmers of Canada - Les Producteurs d'oeufs du canada

Industry partners agree that their daily working experience with LRM has been very positive. LRM continues to build their reputation on integrity and reliability. LRM's cooperation and flexibility has enabled EFC to add value to our contract by extending the benefits of verification services to other departments. LRM has provided additional support to assist the egg industry in the development of their business process. It is our pleasure to offer this endorsement of LRM Inspection and Verification Services.

Egg Farmers of Canada

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