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About Us

LRM Inspection and Verification Services - providing innovative, detailed services

Our Goal

LRM Inspection aims to expand our position as the preferred service provider in Canada for delivery of verification and inspection services in the agricultural sector.

We Are:

  • A successful business that has contracted from Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC) since 2005.
  • A third-party verification contractor working out of egg-processing plants in Manitoba, Alberta, and British Columbia.
  • A business dedicated to providing innovative, detailed services that meet the highest standards of the agricultural market in the region.

Our Objectives

  • To provide innovative, detailed services that meet the highest standards of the agricultural market in the region.
  • To provide professional service that reduces risk exposure of our customers in functions that are critical to their success.
  • To maintain absolute confidentiality on the information of our customers.
  • To meet and exceed our customer's expectations on the quality of our professional services, and to promptly act to address any complaint.
  • To treasure and expand our affiliations with distinguished associations such as Egg Farmers of Canada.
  • To commit to improvements every day, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day.
  • To ensure our services are provided in a timely, cost effective and profitable manner.
  • To create and maintain trust, respect and teamwork both internally and with our customers.
  • To attract and retain high quality and service oriented individuals to support our work environment.

Professional Integrity Launches Outstanding Teamwork

At LRM we train our team with a self-made customer service program that stands for Professional Integrity Launches Outstanding Teamwork. Therefore we are all PILOTs. We believe that maintaining a respectful and professional workplace allows for the growth and development of exceptional team members. The PILOT program represents these beliefs but goes further in depth.

Characteristics of our program and how they relate to LRM Inspection


Professionalism entails outstanding Customer Service, treating people how we would like to be treated, we have respect and manners in the workplace, how we carry ourselves, how others view our knowledge, and a professional look. Maintaining a clean office is a necessity. We have strong ethics, a sense of responsibility, practical minded, and are good at problem solving.


We are accurate and precise in our day to day tasks, we strive to make as little errors as possible, and our ability to troubleshoot any problem as it occurs.


Written, verbal, and non-verbal communication is clear and concise. We have manners and a positive attitude with; customers and anyone at LRM Inspection. We use our common sense to solve an issue before it gets out of hand.


We are on time for our shifts, complete our tasks to our best ability, assist in emergency situations within the company, accept responsibility for ourselves, and tackle problems rather than walking away.

When you work with LRM Inspection our PILOTs will consistently strive to embody all this program entails.

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